Effortlessly track certificates of insurance

Our software can read, categorize, and compare your insurance documents to contractual requirements. All you have to do is upload them.

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Get a feel for what Assured can do

Generate a downloadable compliance report for a COI in under 30 seconds. No signup required.

Sophisticated risk management in minutes

Use our templates to get started quickly, or tailor your requirements to your contracts.

Monitor every policy

Track expiration dates and other data for every insurance policy, even when the information is split between more than one COI.

Automatically capture data

Assured Certificates pulls relevant information off of many documents to limit time wasted fiddling with forms.

Take control

We compute compliance according to your insurance requirements, but you have the final say. Override part or all of our automated checks.

Assured Certificates premade insurance requirements for account setup

Professional Compliance Services

Too much data entry? Compliance a mess? Assured offers data entry and best in class certificate tracking service.

Fraud and cancellation detection

We can monitor your certificates to verify they are authentic and the underlying policies are still in effect.

Hands on document tracking

Sometimes documents are messy and software can't handle it. Let us do the manual processing so you can focus on running your business.

Policy review

A certificate alone isn't a guarantee someone else's insurance will cover you in the event of an accident. We can work with your insureds to verify you truly are covered.

Simple and secure

Access codes for individual documents allow easy uploading by third parties

Bulk requests

Upload a list of insureds and send out as many requests as you need in a single step.

Easy for the end user

Any party can respond to a certificate request. You, your contractors, tenants, or their insurance brokers are all able to upload a certificate using the provided reference number.

Expiration notices

When a certificate expires, we can follow up automatically to let all parties know in case it needs to be replaced.

Server status

Simple, flexible pricing.

Free for small businesses


Up to 5 certificates of insurance

  • Automated document parsing
  • Automated compliance checks
  • Cloud storage of certificates
  • Emailed expiration notifications
  • 3rd party uploads
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Up to 100 certificates

$100/ year
  • All features in Free tier
  • Cancellation notice detection
  • Access to support team
  • Certificates emailed to Assured will be processed
  • Extra COI available at $1/certificate
  • Data entry services optional addon


More than 100 certificates

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  • All features in Premuim tier
  • Data entry services
  • Full service compliance tracking
  • Priority customer support
  • Policy reviews
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