Effortlessly track certificates of insurance

Quickly organize and compare your insurance documents to your contractual requirements. All you have to do is upload them.

Sophisticated risk management in minutes

Understanding when your vendors are non-compliant and knowing when their insurance policies expire is as simple as uploading your existing certificates of insurance. We’ll do the rest.

You’re in control

After uploading your documents, Assured reads, categorizes, and compares your insurance documents to your contractual requirements and allows you to override any of the automated evaluations anytime.

Expiration notices

When a certificate expires, we automatically follow up with your vendors to collect the most up-to-date information. We’ll notify you when any policies lapse.

Automatically capture data

Relevant policy and business data is pulled from each document. Documents are automatically evaluated and organized t simplify administration.

Need an effective certificate tracking process? We can help.

Whether you are just starting out with your certificate tracking process or you have a dedicated administrative team, we’ll work with you to establish a risk transfer plan to help you protect your business.

Collect documents and communicate with your vendors

Have our team serve as an extension of your business to identify and collect any missing documents. We follow up with your non-compliant vendors by email and telephone to ensure no vendor is overlooked. Our team will alert you in the rare event a document cannot be collected without assistance.

Verify insurance

Our software organizes insurance information, but to truly verify policies are in effect and apply to your business, hands-on analysis is needed. Our team of experts can verify policies are in effect and confirm relevant endorsements are included to attain real risk transfer.

Ongoing monitoring

A certificate is a snapshot of insurance policies on a single day, and in many cases, once a COI is sent the policies are cancelled in short order. The only protection against this is to verify the insurance during the policy periods. Our team can perform additional compliance verifications quarterly, or monthly, and request loss reporting to offer your business the ultimate protection.

Protect your business from 3rd party risk

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Want to see Assured in action?

Generate a downloadable compliance report from one of your COI in under 30 seconds. No signup required.

Don't have a COI to upload? Download a sample COI here.

1. Upload

Upload a vendor's COI and after processing, view your compliance report.

2. Download Report

Need the data for your existing system or process? Download your COI data in Excel format.

3. Certificate Lookup

If you ever need to view this report, enter the reference number using the Certificate Lookup in our navigation to view or download your compliance report.

Simple, flexible pricing.

Free for small businesses


Up to 5 certificates of insurance

  • Automated document parsing
  • Automated compliance checks
  • Cloud storage of certificates
  • Emailed expiration notifications
  • 3rd party uploads
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Up to 100 certificates

  • All features in Free tier
  • Cancellation notice detection
  • Access to support team
  • Certificates emailed to Assured will be processed
  • Extra COI available at $1/certificate
  • Data entry services optional addon


More than 100 certificates

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  • All features in Premuim tier
  • Data entry services
  • Full service compliance tracking
  • Priority customer support
  • Policy reviews
  • Location tracking
  • Custom integrations
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Not sure about COI tracking?

Most businesses go years without dealing with third party insurance claims, but for large businesses, or businesses with high risk jobs, it's important to have a plan for when accidents happen. Insurance compliance is an important part of this risk management strategy. Watch our video Why should you track certificates of insurance? to learn more.

Understanding contractual risk transfer can be the difference between a painless insurance claim and bankruptcy.

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Starting from scratch?

Certificate tracking and risk management can be intimidating, so we always work to create a custom playbook for our enterprise clients. If you aren't sure where to begin with certificate tracking, download our sample playbook below learn what is required and adapt it to your own needs.

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For a video explanation of the basics, watch our video: What is a certificate of insurance?

Disclaimer: Information only. Please discuss your insurance requirements with your insurance broker and legal team to determine if they are appropriate for your business.

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