Assured Certificates Summer Updates 2021

Assured Certificates Summer Updates 2021

Whether you’re a long time customer, someone new to our platform or just exploring the internet to learn how to protect your business, we’re excited to share some major updates coming to our platform in summer 2021.

Updates to the Assured workflow

Over the past 6 months, we’ve been listening to your feedback and we’ve been working hard on creating a workflow that meets your needs and better fits the way you run your business.

What we heard is that many times your business organizes their work by projects. With this release we’ve added flexibility for sharing insurance requirements across multiple projects and viewing the compliance status of each business you work with, as it relates to each project. This new workflow allows you to set a default insurance requirement for each project and makes it simple to select more strict requirements for high risk contractors or operations.

Brand new dashboard

With a new workflow comes a brand new dashboard. This dashboard has been built from the ground up to support our new project workflow and helps you quickly navigate and find the information you’re looking for whether you have one or many projects to effectively manage your certificates. This allows you to access all of your projects from a high level and dive deeper into specific issues as needed. The new dashboard provides you with various types of data including a project's overall compliance, issues and warnings for specific insureds, and the ability to quickly take action when an insured is not meeting your requirements.

A new details and certificate view

With a new focus on helping you understand the compliance or non-compliance of an individual insured, we’re now introducing a new way of understanding an insured’s overall compliance status. From the dashboard, you’ll be able to access the details view for any insured, where you’ll be able to see which certificates are contributing to their compliance and which lines of coverage are not being met. You can also get more granular with our redesigned certificate view which gives you the ability to view the details of each line of coverage for a specific certificate. When you’re viewing a certificate, we give you full control to make adjustments so you can keep your project moving forward while keeping your business protected.

These changes have come from our one on one conversations with our customers, and their eagerness to help us make Assured Certificates a platform that works for existing and new customers alike. We hope you enjoy the improvements coming your way and that it helps you better manage your certificates. We’re going to continue to work hard on improving the platform, but as always, your feedback is crucial to our decisions. So please contact us at with any questions or comments and we’d love to have a conversation with you.

Thank you and we look forward to helping you protect your business.