How to Track Your First COI on Assured Certificates

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In our latest video I explain in a little more detail how to set up your account and track your first COI.

The goal of this video is to help you get up and running with Assured Certificates quickly and to help you decide if Assured is a good fit for your business.

Insurance Requirements

We've worked with executive risk managers, analyzed hundreds of contracts, certificate requests, and thousands of certificates to develop our pre-made insurance requirements.

** Due to the uniqueness of your business, these requirements may not make sense for your business. No content from Assured Certificates may be considered insurance or legal advice. **

That said, these requirements are very similar to those used by sophisticated risk managers and offer an excellent template you can customize to suit the needs of your business. We hope they enable you to get your certificate tracking up and running quickly, especially if you haven't already established a certificate tracking plan.

If you just need to track certificates for auditing purposes, you should be able to set up your account in less than 5 minutes using our basic requirements.

Uploading and Automated Certificate Parsing

This video offers an accurate representation of how Assured processes certificates of insurance you upload into the platform. In most cases, the software will be able to pull useful information from your certificates in about 20 seconds (Note: You can upload additional certificates while you wait for a certificate to process). The software assesses its own performance and gives an accuracy rating - low, medium, or high on when you view the certificate information.

The video also covers what to do if the parsing is incomplete or accuracy is low.

  • You can override a single line of coverage, or
  • Correct the data on the certificate data page to achieve 100% accurate records.

An additional option not mentioned in the video would be to override the compliance of the business relationship by clicking the compliance status and changing it directly. This method is primarily designed to be used in instances where your business makes an exception to the compliance rules you have established.

Further Reading

We made a longer, video that elaborates more on how to track COI on Assured. Find it using the following link: Tracking COI on Assured Certificates.