Frequently Asked Questions

Why is certificate tracking important?

Most small to medium sized businesses cannot survive a successful lawsuit without insurance to cover the damages.

When you hire an uninsured business and they cause an accident or make a major mistake the liability is typically transferred to you if the at fault business can't pay.

Certificates of Insurance (COI) are how you verify the businesses you work are protecting you (and themselves) from their mistakes.

Why do I need special software to keep track of my COI?

You might not. It depends on how many types of businesses you work with, how many locations you have, how complex your insurance requirements are, and how many different expiration dates you need to keep track of.

With simple insurance requirements and a handful of contractors and locations you can manage fairly well with a simple tool like Excel, but when all of the above are multiplied by hundreds or even thousands of jobsites and businesses, a more robust solution is needed.

Can I use my existing ERP, accounting software, or Excel to manage my COI?

For many businesses this is appropriate, but if your goal is to actually reduce risk, using or integrating with purpose built software is necessary.

Does Assured Certificates integrate with Netsuite, Microsoft 365, Procore, and other software I already use?

Yes, we are able to integrate with nearly any platform, and we provide custom data import/export tools to update specialized or offline systems. Please contact us for more information.

Can I use the software without also purchasing services?

Yes. Our premium subscription allows unlimited users to manage up to 100 certificates on our platform. Additional volume may be purchased at the same rate. Volume discounts are available after the first 1,000 certificates.

Is certificate tracking appropriate for my situation?

  • Do you hire any kind of contractors?
    • Certificates of insurance protect your business from lawsuits and are probably required by your own insurance policies.
  • Are vendors or service providers visiting your property?
    • If they are injured, cause damage, or make a mistake, you want them to be protected by their insurance not yours. Certificate tracking is critical to ensuring this is the case.
  • Are you leasing equipment or space to third parties?
    • The lessor may not be able to cover damage to your property without insurance, so verifying coverage is important.
  • Does your GL or Workers' Comp policy require you to verify third party insurance?
    • We've seen an uptick in insurance carriers auditing policy holders to ensure they are tracking COI, and then charging extra fees when they fail the audits. Assured makes all of your COI searchable and tracks the expiration dates for you making compliance audits a non-event.

If you answered yes to any of the above, you should be tracking COI.

Will my business partners or contractors be offended by requests for COI?

Certificates of Insurance are a normal part of the contracting process and asking for them is professional and mandatory in many cases.

At Assured Certificates, we understand this can be a delicate situation that feels bureaucratic or uncomfortable which is why we advocate for setting clear expectations during the contracting and hiring process both verbally and in writing so nobody is surprised by your requests.

We provide a sample template letter you can adapt to your contractors explaining why this process is necessary. We also create custom sample COI for our enterprise clients to ensure their insurance requirements are communicated as clearly as possible.

Certificate requests that are polite, patient, and reasonable typically get responses without complaint.

Is it typical to ask my insurance broker to provide proof of insurance for my business?

Absolutely. Most insurance brokerages and agencies have full time staff dedicated to assisting you with providing proof of the coverage you need.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes we do. Sign up for a free account and manage up to 5 COI for free. If you need additional credits or a trial of our full service process, please contact us.

Do you sell data?

No. We only disclose data as needed to fulfill our compliance tracking services. Otherwise we only show data to authorized users accessing the platform. You can read more details about this in our privacy policy.

What insurance should I require for my contractors/tenants/lessees and business partners?

In general, you should require insurance policies that cover the type of work being performed. We recommend consulting your insurance agent about your specific situation, and also working with a lawyer to draft insurance requirements that are reasonable for your operations.

At a minimum most businesses need to verify current General Liability and Workers' Compensation/Employers' Liability insurance policies are in effect. If you have hundreds or thousands of contractors doing many small jobs, or you have minimal leverage to enforce your insurance requirements are met, this minimum effort can reduce your risk considerably and is a good starting point.

For construction and other large, high risk jobs, it makes sense to verify many more elements of insurance policies. Assured can help you automate much of this process, but case by case determinations often have to be made depending on the type of work and the insurance market.

Why do I need a service to help me keep track of my COI?

Successful certificate tracking isn't just about having the right software. It is a process that requires trained staff, tools, and preparation.

Most executives do not want to spend time thinking about insurance so they delegate the verification to an administrative employee. Unfortunately this employee seldom has the knowledge needed to correctly interpret the insurance documents received, or to answer questions about the requirements when they arise. The time consuming questions and judgement calls are then delegated back up the chain of command and the process stalls.

Also, most administrative employees aren't exclusively dedicated to insurance compliance. Other urgent matters need their attention and neglecting outdated insurance information has no immediate perceptible effect.

It is not until later when a defect is discovered or an accident occurs that the benefits of a dedicated certificate tracking service are realized.

What happens if AssuredCertificates.com goes down?

If our website goes down for any reason, your data is still protected. We run multiple servers and retain redundant backups to protect against the highly unlikely occurrence of a service failure.

A guaranteed uptime S.L.A. can be arranged for enterprise customers.

I have multiple locations, will Assured let me track them separately under the same account?

Yes, you can add as many different locations as you need. Assured lets you dig into the details of a single location, or view all of your projects and subcontractors together on one page.

What information can be tracked?

  • Insured entity names, addresses, locations, emails, and contacts.
  • Expiration dates for up to 7 insurance policies per certificate.
  • One or more certificates per insured.
  • Specific information that is missing from certificates is automatically identified.
  • Missing certificates
  • Archived certificates
  • Certificate requests
  • Full insurance policies
  • Contracts
  • W9 forms
  • Multiple locations per insured
  • Multiple sets or levels of insurance requirements.

How are certificates imported into the system

  • You can import a certificate from your dashboard in Assured.
  • You can enable the use of an upload form which can be embedded on your own website.
  • An email can be configured for your account to automatically upload certificates that are emailed to that address.
  • Our team will also process COI delivered to us by email.

Can you process COI delivered by post?

Yes, this can be arranged as part of our enterprise services.

Can you process scanned COI, or images of COI

In most cases yes. Our software is able to identify certificate fields from most high resolution images. Our services team are also able to assist enterprise customers with entering this data.

Can you send certificate requests via postal mail?

Yes, this can be arranged as part of our enterprise services.

Can your team communicate with my contractors to verify their insurance?

Yes, this is part of our full service offering. Please contact us to discuss your needs. You can also take a look at our Sample Playbook for an example of how we can help.