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Welcome to Assured Certificates, in these sections you will learn how to set up your Assured account and your first steps when starting with Assured. You will also learn how to navigate Assured and how you can effectively manage your account to keep you and your business safe from catastrophic claims.

Setting up your Assured account

Getting your business up and running in Assured Certificates is efficient with the right plan and can be broken down into four phases. Account sign up, adding your projects and insureds, setting up your insurance requirements and requesting certificates from your insureds. We’ll walk you through the best practices through each phase and ensure you’re effectively managing certificates in Assured.

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Navigating and managing your Assured account

In this section, we will guide you through how to navigate Assured Certificates. We will also explain how to understand which insureds and documents need your attention. We will also review best practices for reading certificates and making overrides to specific insureds when needed. With well designed contracts, certificate tracking, and a system in place for managing non-compliant insureds you can greatly reduce your business’s risk of insurance claims and lawsuits.

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How to Track COI on Assured (Full Guide)

Watch our video explanation of how we track COI for our clients. If you're tracking your own certificates on or off of our platform, the same principles apply. Assuming you have already requested and received some certificates, follow the process outlined:

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Getting started as an insured

Assured Certificates is a platform that allows your client to quickly validate contractual compliance with their insurance requirements to keep a project moving forward. In the following sections we will go over important information to you as an insured so that you can quickly respond to your client to begin work and ensure payment.

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When using Assured, there are rare cases you might run into. In the sections below, we'll walk you through the reasons of a specific error, what may have caused it and what to do next to keep you effectively tracking certificates.

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