Understanding your project view

A projects’ compliance summary allows you to quickly identify any problematic issues that need your attention. Additionally you’ll be able to view which insureds are part of this project and add any new insureds to your project.

Project Details

When filtering for an individual project from your dashboard, your project will be shown with a details section where you will see the name of your project, your project's cert-holder address and cert-holder’s phone number. If any information is incorrect or missing, you can click on the View Project Details button to access and edit this project's information as well as the project’s default insurance requirements.

Project Insurance Requirement

Project insurance requirements are created from your account settings page and are selectable when you create a new project or add an insured. The insurance requirements you select while creating a project will display in the details section under Default Insurance Requirements when filtering for an individual project in your dashboard. When a project has a default insurance requirement selected, Assured will generate the compliance status, summary and any additional issues or warnings to help you understand what issues need to be immediately addressed. A project’s requirements can be edited by selecting the View Project Details button on the left of the details section and can be changed for a specific insured in the Project Requirements dropdown which can be accessed from an insured's details sidebar.

Project Compliance Summary

When filtering for an individual project, your dashboard will display a Project Compliance Summary based on the selected insurance requirements and the insurance certificates uploaded for each insured. This summary breaks down your insureds assigned to a project by their compliance status and allows you to understand which projects are higher risk by identifying which insureds are not meeting your requirements before sending out any future payments.

Adding Insureds to a Project

When viewing your insureds in your dashboard, you are able to add any existing insureds to an existing project by clicking on the Add to a Project button and selecting which project you want to add them to. If you are viewing a single project, you can click on the Add Insureds to Project button and selecting an existing insured. If you are viewing multiple projects, you can perform the same action by clicking on the Add to a Project button under each insured. Alternatively, if an insured does not exist in the system, you can create a new insured by clicking on the New Insured button and assigning them to an existing project as part of the process.